The Promo Video Production Process Explained

Creating an online  video is a reasonably simple process, however we find it helpful for our clients to understand the steps involved in Producing a video. So, here is a quick overview:




   Initial Enquiry received by Blue Canoe

   We contact you, chat about your project and arrange a time to meet

   We send you a form requesting more information on your project

   We meet with you in person to walk through ideas and set goals for the video

   We provide a quote by email that meets your needs & budget

   You review and accept the quote

   We prepare a script for you to review

   We prepare a social media strategy for the video

   When the script is finalized, we book in times for the shoot and edit

   We finalize any last minute details and accept a 50% deposit




   We meet at the agreed time

   Set up lighting and cameras and other equipment

   We run through the brief of the shoot

   Our crew shoots the footage




   We digitize and view the raw footage
   Our editor makes an initial rough cut (without graphics & music)
   We provide the rough cut to you for review
   Our editor updates the rough cut with your comments
   We add music (either provided by you or we source production music on your behalf)
   We provide a fine cut for your review (with graphics, effects and soundtrack)
   Any minor updates are made
   The fine cut (watermarked) is made available for you to view * 
   We receive final payment (outstanding 50%)
   Our editor packages and delivers the clip for you in the agreed format (DVD, MPG, FLV, MOV etc)
   Blue Canoe propogates the clip online (if agreed in The Plan)

(* any additional changes incur a fee after the fine cut   review)




   We upload and distribute the video on your behalf as planned in our first meeting